Mar 192013

After Spring Break’s long version, this week we have a short version, just covering through Friday. Normally there would be almost no games at all to cover, but Friday is the first of two FIFA-mandated international break days (next Tuesday will be the second). And with the 2014 World Cup only 15 months away, you know it’s going to mostly about World Cup Qualifying.

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Dec 182012

I came across this video recently and wanted to share it with you and your children. It’s about a group of players who had a choice of playing for the US or another country, and why they chose the US.

This group of players is German-American. Sons of American servicemen who had done one or more tours of duty in Germany, met and had children with German women. Their sons grew up in Germany, speaking German. Some of them never or barely knew their fathers, others had close relationships, but they all grew up in Germany, spoke German as their primary language, and played soccer as children in Germany before becoming professionals.

The first player to join the US team was Jermaine Jones, first playing in August of 2010, while Bob Bradley was still the coach. The arrival of former German star Jurgen Klinsmans to the job of US coach brought in more of these players: Timothy Chandler, Fabian Johnson, Danny Williams, Fabian Johnson, Terrence Boyd, and David Yelldell among them.  In addition to the previously mentioned details of their background they all shared a further heritage: their fathers were African-American.

Watch the video to see how these players never felt truly accepted by their peers in Germany, but despite having little connection to the US they instantly felt they “belonged” with the US team. It’s a great reminder of what makes this country special, even if we don’t always do as well as we’d like.

Sep 212012

I don’t usually do this, but this is just too good.  Those of you who know me know that I love the tactical aspect of soccer.  This was an article I just discovered from a new American soccer magazine (Howler) about national styles, and whether the US has one.  Written by Matthew Doyle, who writes the Armchair Analyst column at, it’s really fantastic.  Check it out.

Nov 152011

Sorry for the lateness, which means I didn’t get to remind everyone about today’s US team friendly at Slovenia (a rematch from the last world cup).  The season is winding down, so please make sure you read the notes below.  Here’s the list: Continue reading »

Sep 282010

Parents, I’ve separated out the soccer on TV schedule from the rest of the Chelsea schedule because it was just becoming overwhelming.  I will also be able to add a few highlights options, as well.  Watching any soccer on TV will improve you son’s play remarkably.  Many American children have little or no exposure to the professional game, and consequently no idea how the game looks in the real world.  Continue reading »