2014 Fall Standings


U14 Super 2 standings, in full

MP=Matches Played, Pts=Points, GF=Goals For, GA=Goals Allowed, GD=Goal Differential, PPG=Points Per Game, GDPG=Goal Difference Per Game (these last two are especially useful when not all teams have played the same number of games).
3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie.

How are our fellow U14 Express Boys’ teams doing?

Premier League West

I’ve added a column here, “E/W”. This identifies the team as being from the Eastern District or the Western District, which is interesting on its own but also relevant to us because the bottom two teams will return to the Division One Association they came from (Eastern or Western). If the bottom two teams are Eastern, there are less slots for us in Super 2 than if they are both Western.

NPL (National Premier Leagues) South Central Premier League

In addition to their Premier League West campaign, our Navy team is also playing in an Academy league under the auspices of the NPL.

EDDOA Select, C Bracket

HYSA U14 Div 3

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