How to Use the Site — Part IV: Navigating the Site


Last night’s post explained how to navigate individual posts.  This one deals with the site as a whole, meaning the navigation column on the right and a few links at the top.

First, I should apologize as this post will use a lot of pictures.  Here’s the first:

This is not just a title for the site, it’s also a link to get back to the home page at any time.  Of course, the name of the website has changed, but the idea is still the same.

Next, we have the navigation bars:

There are two bars, of which the top is most useful.  The top bar links to permanent pages I have put with useful information such as schedules, standings, the contact list, etc.  The bottom bar links to all the posts I’ve ever written by category, so if you want to look for an old post and all you know is that it was about a certain tournament you can click on that link in the navigation bar.  Both navigation bars feature sub-menus for some links, which appear when you hover a mouse over them.  They are the ones with downward arrows next to the link name.

The next section is the search.

Putting in a search term will return a list of posts containing that term.  If your son ever wants to look and see if they were the topic of a previous “Three Stars of the Game” this would be a good way to find out.

Below that is the summarized standings, as well as the subscribe section, with which you should all be familiar.  If not, see Part I of this guide.

Next we have “What Have You Been Missing?” — a quick listing of the last 5 posts.  This may be in a slightly different order from the posts listed on the home page main post section because I occasionally “stick” a post to the top to make sure it is seen for a few days.

Below that is my favorite part,

the “Tag Cloud”.  This lists all the tags used on the site, sized by relative frequency of use.  It is not just a list, however.  Each tag is also a clickable link which will take you to all the posts with that tag.  Very cool.

Below that are the calendar, discussed in Part II, and the archives.  Clicking on a listed month in the archives section will bring you all posts created in that month, the number of which is listed in the parentheses after the month.

This marks the final post on this topic unless I make any major changes.  If anyone has any questions about using the site please do not hesitate to ask, in an email or as a comment on one of the “How To” posts.

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