How to Use the Site – Part III: Navigating the Posts


This was going to be the last post on how to use the site, but there’s so much to cover I’ve decided to do it in 2 parts. First we’re going to look at how to read the posts, and how to leave comments.  Please note that I have redesigned the site since making these posts; the elements are all there but may have shifted position slightly.  If you have trouble with anything let me know and I’ll make it clearer.

Here is an example of a sample post as you would see it on the front page of the site:

There are 4 main things to note about the post:

  1. The “continue reading” link.  Whenever you see this please click on it to read the entire post.  Why do I make you click through?  To keep the size of the posts on the home page short enough that you can see several at once.
  2. Tags.  I try to attach relevant tags to each article.  The idea is to make it easier to find different articles about similar subjects.  In the next post I will show you how to use the “tag cloud” on the home page to find lots of articles.
  3. Categories.  Similar to tags, but more general.
  4. The number of responses.  An easy way to check quickly and see if an article has generated any discussion (or any more since you last looked).

When you click through to the actual post, you will see the full article.  You will also see a comments section, which looks like this:

Very simply, if you wish to leave a comment just enter your name and email address.  Don’t worry about the third box asking for a url (web address).  Then enter your comment and click on “submit comment”.  Why does it ask for your email?  So that you will get an email if anyone responds to your comment.  No one who visits the site can see your email, so no worries.

If people have already posted on the article, you have additional options for comments.  Between the bottom of the post and the “normal” “Leave a reply” sectioned pictured above, you will see the comments that have already been left.  To the right of these is a “Reply” button.

If you click on one of those reply buttons rather than enter a reply at the bottom, the screen changes slightly to place a similar looking “Leave a reply” box.

There are two differences: first, your comment will be nested underneath the comment you are replying to; second, there is an option to cancel your reply right above the submit comment button.

New to the website, I’ve just added a feature that allows you to subscribe to follow-up comments.  This should facilitate the use of the site as a communication tool, as if someone responds to your response you will get an email alerting you, rather than having to remember to go check the post.

Finally, at the top of each post’s page are links to the previous and next posts:

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