Dyess Park


The first map gets you to Dyess Park.  Below that is a map to show you which field we are playing on. As always, click on the targets for directions or click on the text below for larger versions.

View Dyess Park Overview in a larger map

View Dyess Park Fields in a larger map

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  1. […] game will be at Dyess Park Field 3N at 11:00am (map available here) Please try to arrive by 10:15am. This field is not one we go to often, and is one of the furthest […]

  2. […] game will be played at Dyess Park Field 3 at 12pm (map here). Please remember to arrive by 11:15am. We are the away team so wear white, though always remember […]

  3. […] game will be at Dyess Park Field 3(map here) at 12pm. Please arrive by 11:15am. Don’t forget that Dyess Park is a long drive, up to an hour […]

  4. […] game is currently (as of 6:30pm on Friday) scheduled to be played at 2pm at Dyess Park field 1. Map here. We are the home team, so wear blue but please bring white as […]

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