How to Pay with Paypal


I like to use Paypal because it’s so easy–you don’t have to remember to write and bring a check, I don’t have to remember to deposit them, and you can pay either with a credit card or direct bank draw.  There is no charge if you use a bank account or Paypal balance, and if you use a credit card I will usually pay the fee.

I do not send invoices through Paypal, because these cost money.  Instead, I will tell you guys how much you owe, and then you go to Paypal and click on the “Send Money” link.


After clicking there you will find yourself on a page which lets you enter the amount  you wish to pay.  Then, under “My Payment Is for” click on “Friends and Family”.  Paypal will calculate the fees (free for a bank transfer, small fee for a credit card).  If you choose to use a credit card, I will usually pay the fee, so don’t worry about that.  Then click “Continue”.

The next screen will ask you for the recipient’s and sender’s email addresses.  Please send all payments to my address jason[dot]wintz[at]gmail[dot]com, replacing bracketed words with the proper symbols.  Enter your email, then click continue.

Finally, you will go to page which allows you either to sign in (if you already have an account) on the right, or pay with a credit card on the left.  Fill in the information as needed, make sure you select recipient pays for any credit card charges, and you are done.

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