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Well, parents, the day is finally upon us.  Tomorrow will be the first time we get the team (and team parents) together for the new season.  I can smell the excitement in the air, although that could be just the ozone alerts we’ve been under lately.

We will be playing a friendly against LAFC Houstonians 01 on Saturday, August 14th, at 6pm on field S3 at our home fields at Emory-Weiner (see maps below).  Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Houstonians are a very good team.  They play in the strong bracket (we will play in the average bracket), and are one of the two or three best teams in that bracket.  They also have been practicing and playing tournaments and friendlies all summer.  In other words, I expect them to win, and win big.  However, I set up this friendly precisely because I knew it would be a real challenge, and an opportunity to learn a lot, both for me to learn about our boys, and also for our boys to learn from how a strong team works together.  Please emphasize the fact that this game is for fun and learning, and that no one should feel bad about what they might perceive as a “poor performance”.
  2. What to wear?  Our uniforms are not ready for pickup yet, but that is not a problem because this is a friendly.  If you have an Express uniform from a previous year you can wear your blue jersey, otherwise please wear a dark blue shirt or jersey.  Obviously, soccer cleats and shin guards are a must.  If your child wishes to play goalie, it would be helpful (but not necessary) for him to bring gloves and an alternate shirt to wear.
  3. It will be hot!  Don’t forget water or a sports drink (or both), and sunscreen.
  4. What time can you be there?  As I have never met many of your kids, and never worked on a soccer field with all but a couple, I really need you to bring your boys as early as possible.  I need them there at 5:30, but I will be there as early as 5pm to work with anyone who can get there a little earlier.  I will not tire them out too much before the game; we will do low-impact drills alternating with discussions of tactics and positioning.
  5. Team Meeting after the game.  Bring your family to Skeeters at 5529 Weslayan at Bissonnet (same shopping center as Bering’s, Spec’s, and Chuck E Cheese).  I’m looking forward to the opportunity to meet you guys.  We will discuss my coaching philosophy, tournaments, your boys, money, and any concerns you guys have.


Here is the field map:

For those not familiar with the area, here is the map to South Campus:

Please comment below with any questions.

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