May 032015

Probably our last game of the season (for the President’s Cup—we are still looking at doing the tournament).

Here’s what you need to know:

  • We are playing North Channel Troopers. North Channel currently sit third with a 5-0-2 W-T-L record, with 45 points, 12 goals scored and 4 allowed. We are eight with a 2-2-3 record, 25 points, 7 goals scored and 8 allowed.
    They beat Galveston County Union 3-1. We beat Union 4-1.
    They beat Albion Hurricanes FC 01B B 3-1. We lost to Albion 1-0.
    They lost to Houston Santos FC 00B 1-0. We tied Santos 1-1.
    They beat Red Dragons 3-0. We lost to Red Dragons 1-0.
    They lost to Huskies 1-0. We haven’t played Huskies.
    They beat Space City FC 01 Pumas 1-0. We tied Pumas 1-1.
    They beat Lamar Chivas 2-0. We lost to Lamar 3-0.
  • The game is at 7:30pm Tuesday May 5; please arrive by 6:45pm. We will be playing at St. Thomas Episcopal – Willowbend at 4113 Willowbend Blvd. (map here). The field is behind a baseball field. This is only a few blocks southwest of South Campus. We will be the home team, so wear blue.

I really don’t know much about this team. They have handily beaten the two sides that gave us the most trouble, Lamar Chivas and Red Dragons, but they lost to Santos who we did well against. I can tell you they may be fighting for a second place finish and very eager to win. I’m really proud of how we played today against Santos, and how we’ve played most of our games this season. Let’s continue playing as we did today and hopefully we can get the win and finish the season with an even record.

Team Meeting

Vedad would like to hold a brief meeting with the parents after the game ends, the purpose of which would be to discuss the summer offseason program and the 2016 England trip.

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