May 012015

Finally, will these games get played? The weather looks good.

Matchday 6

  1. Our opponent is Red Dragons. This team is not as tough as Huskies will be, but with our lack of practice lately we cannot afford to take them lightly. We played this team in the Klein Thanksgiving Cup, winning 2-1. I remember them as quite physical. So far they are 9th place, one behind us, and I’m sure they would love to pass us up. They have struggled so far this season, with 1 tie and 4 losses (we have a 2-1-2 record), scoring only 1 goal while allowing 13 (we have scored and allowed 6).
    They lost to Houston Santos 0-3.
    They tied Galveston County Union 0-0. We beat Union 4-1.
    They lost to Space City FC Pumas 0-3. We tied Pumas 1-1.
    They lost to North Channel Troopers 3-0.
    They lost to Huskies SA 4-1.
  2. This game is at 2pm on Saturday May 2 at Burroughs Park field 3 (this is the field next to the one we played our first two games on, south of the parking lot). Please arrive by 1:15. Map here.
  3. We are the away team, so wear white but always bring both jerseys.


We cannot take this game lightly. We haven’t had a lot of training lately, and important players have been missing. Red Dragons is having a tough season, but they will be looking at this game as one of their best chances to get a result, and they will work hard to get it. And though they’ve lost most of their games, they did manage to score on Huskies, only one of two goals Huskies have allowed in seven games! We also remember that we thought we had a comfortable 2-0 win against them but they came back to make the game difficult. So we will have to work hard to keep them off the scoreboard. On the other end, they have allowed quite a few goals, but that doesn’t mean we should be wasteful with our chances. Stay composed, stay calm, and don’t rush your shots.

Matchday 4

  1. Our opponent will be Houston Santos 00B. This is going to be a tough game, as they are number two in the President’s Cup with a 4-2-1 W-T-L record and 46 points, having scored 16 and allowed 6.
    Santos beat Red Dragons 3-0.
    Santos tied Huskies SA 01B 1-1.
    Santos beat North Channel Troopers 1-0.
    Santos beat Albion 01B B 5-1. We lost to Albion 1-0.
    Santos beat Texas Rush 01B PA 5-0. We beat them 1-0.
    Santos lost to Lamar Chivas 4-1. We lost to Lamar 3-0.
    Santos tied Space City Pumas 0-0. We tied Pumas 1-1.
  2. Kickoff is at noon on Sunday May 3 at Burroughs Park field 3 (map here). Please arrive by 11:15am. We are the home team so wear blue but always bring both color jerseys.


Santos will be looking for easy pickings in an effort to get their season back on track, and we can hope they will see us as an 8th place team and not notice that we are actually a bit better than that. But without a doubt we will have to work hard to get a result. The fact that they lost badly to Lamar Chivas may be a sign that they struggle with an aggressive physical midfield, but we can’t play pressure without support, so don’t make mistakes there or they will likely cut us apart.

Don’t forget we have a game Tuesday night (Cinco de Mayo!) at 7:30pm.

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