Apr 242015

We were originally meant to play this game earlier in the season, but the game will be tough either way. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. We are playing Huskies SA 01B. They are currently in first place, with an undefeated 5-1-0 W-T-L record, scoring 12 goals and allowing only 2. We are eighth, with a 2-1-2 record, scoring and allowing 6.
    They beat Space City FC 01 Pumas 2-0 (we tied them 1-1).
    They tied Houston Santos FC 00B 1-1 (we haven’t played them yet).
    They beat Texas Rush 01B PA 3-0 (we beat Rush 1-0).
    They beat Lamar Chivas 1-0 (we lost to Lamar 3-0).
    They beat North Channel Troopers 1-0 (we haven’t played them yet).
    They beat Red Dragons 4-1 (we beat Red Dragons 2-1 at the Klein Thanksgiving Cup).
  2. The game will be played at 4pm at Burroughs Park Field 2 (map here). Please arrive by 3:15pm. We are the away team, so wear white (but always bring both jerseys).

Tactical Notes

We don’t need to fear this team, but we should respect them. I watched Huskies play the second half of their game against Rush, and they didn’t look phenomenally good. We’ve played (and played well) against tougher teams, including the Atlas Increibles team we tied in the Klein Thanksgiving Cup and the Texans 01B Premier team we lost 2-1 to in the Express NRG Cup. That is not to say, however, that this is not a good team. They are, they have managed to beat almost everyone else, even the tough opponents, and they don’t give up goals easily. My spies tell me they are especially strong in midfield, with close pressure, which means our central midfielders will have to control the ball well and release it quickly—things we have worked on since our struggles against Lamar Chivas. In the attacking third, we need to not rush our chances, but be patient if the opportunity is not there. I suspect they also have a good goalkeeper, which means we will have to try a multitude of ways to beat him.

Other Notes

  • Vedad reminded the boys again after practice Thursday of the importance of being on time to the game (45 minutes prior to kickoff). I know this is never easy, but I want to reiterate that we are here to help each other out. If getting your son to the game will be a challenge, I know we can figure out a solution.
  • Traffic update: The interchange at 610 and 290 WILL be open this weekend! There will be a couple lanes closed on outbound 290 from just about 610 to w. 34th. Hopefully this won’t make traffic too bad, and it is a pretty short stretch.
  • HCTRA has finished construction on 249 all the way to FM 2920, making it a viable option for how to drive to Burroughs. Please be aware that you must have EZTag to use this road, no cash payment of tolls is allowed. The cost is $1.45.
  • I sent out an email today about our last makeup game which will have to be played midweek. Please fill out the survey for that and the future plans survey as soon as you can.
  • The weather will be tricky this weekend; most recent forecast I saw shows the rain occurring mostly overnight and early morning, so hopefully we can play, but there may be delays with the morning games. I will keep everyone informed the best I can.

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