Apr 162015

This was to be the final game of the season. Now we just hope this game doesn’t get added to the list of rained out games. Here’s what you need to know for this weekend’s game.

  1. Our opponent is North Channel Troopers. North Channel are currently in 5th place with a 3-0-2 W-T-L record, with 9 goals scored and 4 allowed and 28 points. We are currently in 8th place with a 2-1-2 record, 6 goals scored and 6 allowed and 21 points. Last fall North Channel played in the Division 1 Classic bracket and finished moderately well, mid-table with a 3-5-2 record, 12 goals scored and 13 allowed.
    North Channel beat Galveston County Union 3-1 (we beat them 4-1).
    North Channel beat Albion Hurricanes 01B B 3-1 (we lost to them 1-0).
    North Channel lost to Santos 1-0 (we haven’t played them yet).
    North Channel beat Red Dragons 3-0 (we beat Red Dragons 2-1 in the Klein Thanksgiving Cup.
    North Channel lost to Huskies SA 01B 1-0 (we haven’t played them yet).
  2. The game will be played at Lindsay Lyons, field 22 (map here) at 10am. Please arrive by 9:15. We are the home team, so wear blue.

North Channel is a good team. The teams they have lost to are the top two teams in the bracket, and they played them close with 1-0 losses in both cases. They will not be easy. But the teams they’ve beaten have been teams we’ve beaten (or in the case of Albion, dominated). So there’s no reason we should fear this team—we should be capable of playing them evenly. We had a great game last week, and it put us in even territory, so a win here would put us in positive territory. Let’s continue our strong play of the last few weeks and get our season back on track.

Other Notes

Arriving on Time

Vedad has been concerned with the number of players not arriving on time, and how it affects their preparedness for the game. I understand (believe me, I do) how difficult it can be to balance our busy lives and the frustrating amount of time that is involved with these games—75 minutes of playing time, 45 minutes of prep, and often times 2 hours or more of driving. That all adds up. But Vedad is not asking for this early arrival to impose his will. The policy is truly there for the benefit of the players—it makes a difference for their preparation for the game. But remember, we’re all in the same boat. And that we’re all willing to help each other. If you are having trouble getting your son to the game, reach out, ask for help. I know someone can always help.

Next Season and Summer Plans

Parents, don’t forget registration for the Express Summer program and the Fall 2015 season have opened. The summer program is really great, and structured such that even if you will be out of town for part of the summer it will be worth doing. For the fall, I want to make sure all are aware that the fee structures for next year have changed slightly—one need only pay $50 to participate in evaluations, and then pay the rest after team formation, and there is a payment schedule as well. Another thing to be aware of are the registration deadlines. Although one does not need to be registered until the evaluations (held June 1), one must register earlier to keep your current jersey number (by April 20th) or to select a new one rather than have it randomly assigned (selection starts April 23rd).

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