Apr 092015

Rain, rain, go away….

Here’s what you need to know about this weekend’s games.

Matchday 8

  1. Our opponent is Galveston County Union. This is a good opportunity for us to start climbing up the table. Union are currently 6th with a 1-3-1 W-D-L record, having both scored and allowed 6 goals in their five games, and have 24 points. We are 8th with 12 points (though we’ve played one game fewer) in a 1-1-2 record, with 2 goals scored and 5 allowed.
    Union lost to North Channel Troopers 3-1.
    Union tied Red Dragons 0-0 (we beat Red Dragons in the Klein Thanksgiving Tournament 2-1).
    Union tied Lamar Chivas 0-0 (we lost to Lamar 3-0 in the President’s Cup, and tied them 1-1 in the Fall league).
    Union beat Texas Rush 01B PA 2-0 (we beat them 1-0).
    Union tied Albion 01B B 3-3 (we lost to them 1-0, despite dominating most of the game).
  2. Kickoff is at noon on Saturday at Zube Park, a park that will be new to most of us (I’ve never played there). The fields are out 290 past the Grand Parkway (map here). Although the fields are a long distance away, they are right off the freeway so hopefully it won’t take any longer to get there than Burroughs. Please arrive by 11:15. We are the away team so wear white, but always bring both jerseys.
  3. Unfortunately weather seems to be a concern again. Please pay attention to your TeamStuff app on your phone, I will send a notice ASAP if we get cancelled/postponed. Also be prepared to get wet, as STYSA is running out of weekends in which to play games and may be more willing to endure rain than they were earlier in the season.

Matchday 4 (Reschedule)

  1. Our opponent will be Houston Santos 00B. This is going to be a tough game, as they are number one in the President’s Cup with a 4-1-0 record and 41 points, having scored 15 and allowed 2.
    Santos beat Red Dragons 3-0.
    Santos tied Huskies SA 01B 1-1.
    Santos beat North Channel Troopers 1-0.
    Santos beat Albion 01B B 5-1.
    Santos beat Texas Rush 01B PA 5-0.
  2. Kickoff is at noon on Sunday at Burroughs Park field 3 (map here). Please arrive by 11:15am. We are the home team so wear blue but always bring both color jerseys.
  3. Weather will be a concern all weekend.

This opponent is tough, but remember they are not a better team than the Atlas Increibles (now Houston Dynamo) team we tied at the Klein tournament. We can start climbing up the table this weekend if we do what we did then—play for each other. Let’s start getting some wins!

Traffic Update

The traffic misery continues on 290, as the TXDOT website says that the connectors from 610 (both North Loop and West Loop) to 290 NW will be shut down the entire weekend. Alternate routes include:

  • W. Loop north, exit Memorial, left turn then immediate right onto N. Post Oak Road. N. Post Oak will dead end at Hempstead Road (at Northwest Mall). Turn left, then right on Mangum and turn left at 290 and enter freeway.
  • Stay on W. Loop North, stay in right lane and exit W. 18th street right before turn to North Loop. Turn left, then right on Mangum. Turn left at 290 and enter freeway (I did this route last weekend).
  • Continue on West Loop to North Loop, exit TC Jester. Take the U-Turn at TC Jester and stay on the feeder (frontage road) as it transitions from the loop to 290, enter 290 after Mangum.
  • Alternately, avoid the whole area altogether and take 610 to I-10 to Beltway 8 to 290.

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