Mar 272015

Finally a weekend where it won’t rain. And a weekend with only one scheduled game.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Our opponent is Space City FC 01B Pumas. What do we know about them?
    They are currently 5th in the standings, with a 2-0-1 W-T-L record, 4 goals scored and 2 allowed, with 18 points. We are 8th with a 1-0-2 record, 1 goal scored and 4 allowed and 8 points.
    They lost to Huskies SA 01B 2-0.
    They beat Texas Rush 01B PA 1-0 (the same score we beat Rush by).
    They beat Red Dragons 3-0 (we beat Red Dragons 2-1 in the Klein Thanksgiving tournament).
    We last played this team almost exactly 2 years ago when we were a U12 team in the Spring 2013 season, when we won 4-1. We lost to them by a similar score in the prior season. Back then they were playing with the Galveston County club, but they moved the entire team over to Space City last year.
    Former Express 01B Navy player Brent Stafford moved to this team.
  2. The game is at 4pm at Burroughs park field 8 (map here). We haven’t played on this particular field—it is off to the northwest of the parking lot. We are the home team, so please wear blue (but bring whites as well).

Game Notes

This is a game we can win, so we need to get the win. We will have almost a full squad. Last game our midfield and defense were great, and we were let down by an inability to score, which I feel was largely a result of rushing ourselves in the final buildup/shot-taking. Hopefully we can have a bit more composure this game and get the goals we will need.

Keeping Track of Time

If you’re planning on heading to the Dynamo game that evening, you might want to consider bringing your tickets and such with you. I know I will. If we start on time we will have plenty of time to go home before the game, but we have yet to start a game on time.

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