Mar 202015

Do we actually want rain?

Rain will be the overwhelming concern for this weekend. But if we do get rained out it might not be such a bad thing. Why? Vedad won’t be with us this weekend, we haven’t really trained for 3 weeks, and we will be missing a few players, all defenders. So I wouldn’t mind so much if Saturday’s game were rained out.

And speaking of rainouts, before we go much further I want to make sure that everyone saw that Matchday 4 was rescheduled to Sunday April 12th, at noon, at Burroughs Park.

Matchday 5 Info

  1. Our opponent for Matchday 5 is Huskies SA 01B. This is a tough team. They finished last season atop Division 1 Competitive and are promoted to Division 1 Classic for next year, amassing an 8-0-2 W-D-L record. So far in the President’s Cup they are in first place, narrowly edging out Lamar Chivas on goal difference. They have a 2-1-0 record, scoring 6 goals and allowing only 1.
    They beat Space City FC Pumas (former Galveston County Pumas team we played in the U11 year) 2-0.
    They tied Houston Santos FC 1-1.
    They beat Texas Rush 01B PA 3-0. (We beat Rush 1-0).
    In addition, they played our 01B Navy team in the NRG cup, tying 1-1.
  2. The game is at 4pm on Saturday Mar 21 at Burroughs Park field 4 (this is the field we played our first two games on, to the south of the parking lot). Please arrive by 3:15. Map here.
  3. We are the away team, so wear white but always bring both jerseys.


Matchday 6 Info

  1. Our opponent is Red Dragons. This team is not as tough as Huskies will be, but with our lack of practice lately we cannot afford to take them lightly. We played this team in the Klein Thanksgiving Cup, winning 2-1. I remember them as quite physical. So far they are 9th place, one behind us, and I’m sure they would love to pass us up. They have 1 tie and 2 losses, with no goals scored and 6 allowed.
    They lost to Houston Santos 0-3.
    They tied Galveston County Union 0-0.
    They lost to Space City FC Pumas 0-3.
  2. This game is at 4pm on Sunday Mar 22 at Burroughs Park field 6 (this is the field we lost to Albion on, to the west of the parking lot). Please arrive by 3:15. Map here.
  3. We are the away team, so wear white but always bring both jerseys.

What to Know

We are a good team. We struggled against the high pressure physicality of Lamar Chivas, but had done well to fix that in training (all the work on passing quickly and with strength, and controlling those hard passes). We also struggled with scoring in all three games. I am hopeful that with William’s return to goal, Alex will return to the front line to provide another style of play up top. In general, though, we need to stay calm in the box and not rush our opportunities.



Weather may or may not be a factor. Watching Channel 2’s forecast their “futurecast” feature doesn’t show all that much rain, but the forecaster said she thinks much more rain will fall than shown—they are predicting 3-4” in the area around Tomball. If that happens I am confident Saturday will be cancelled, and perhaps Sunday as well. But it could end up not raining (like Wednesday) and then we will play. I will let everyone know through TeamStuff if the game(s) is/are rained out.

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