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Welcome to Burroughs.

01B White last played here in their first-ever EDDOA game as U11s, and it was a disaster getting everyone there. I remember 5 minutes before kickoff 4 families were still lost, because it was confusing getting there. The fields were actually in very nice condition, but since that season Burroughs Park has been reserved for State Classic League and higher games in the fall, and Cup games in the spring, so we’ve never been back. And then when I think back to who was on that team, I don’t think anyone but Alex, Alvaro and Nicholas are still here. So while I will discuss my normal comments about the game, I am going to focus a lot of attention on how to get there and how long it will take, as we will be playing almost all our games this season at Burroughs.

The Details

We will be playing Texas Rush 01B PA.

  1. Kickoff is at 1:30pm on Saturday at Burroughs Park field 4. Please arrive by 12:45. Be aware that it can be a long drive to Burroughs Park (more below).
  2. We are the away team, so wear white, but of course bring the blue jerseys as well.
  3. Weather may be an issue this weekend. Saturday’s weather is supposed to be warm with scattered rain showers. Be prepared to play in the rain. With a higher rain chance Sunday I would bet STYSA would like to play these games, assuming it is safe to do so. Also be prepared for possible delays.

Our Opponents

I wish I could give you a clear picture of this team, but for reasons I’ll explain shortly they are tricky to figure out. The first thing I will mention is that we have played this team once before in the Austin Labor Day Cup last fall, winning 2-1. But the weekend prior we were soundly defeated 3-0 by a team called just Texas Rush 00/01B, nominally the next-lower team, in the Rush Cup. Last fall this team played in the State Classic league, 4 or 5 levels above us, but they finished bottom two and have been relegated to Division One Classic.

Texas Rush and Texans teams can be hard to figure out because unlike many clubs we face, as they work their way through qualifying and hit the transition from U13 to U14, they start moving players out of the USYSA structure. Texas Rush sends players to the US Soccer Development Academy and the NPL TEPAL leagues. Texans do this too, but they keep enough players on their original STYSA teams to allow those teams to retain the status they’ve earned through the qualifying process. So with this team, for example, the 01B PA team earned a spot in the State Classic League in the spring 2014 SCL qualifying round (at the same time our 01B Navy team earned a spot in the PLW). Then over the summer they moved about half the players off the team to the various USSDA and TEPAL teams and filled in the roster with players who were on lower-ranked teams. Unsurprisingly, since the better half of players who got them to SCL had left, Texas Rush 01B PA did not fare well in the State Classic League and have been relegated out. Also unsurprisingly, the same thing happened to Texans (who we played in the Express tournament and to whom we lost 2-1, although because it was a tournament they were likely strengthened by players from these stronger teams). So for these reasons it can be unclear who exactly we will be facing, and how much their history is really reflective of the players who will be on the field.

That said, we are here to test ourselves. To challenge ourselves. We expect no easy games. Not one. The teams we will face this spring all played last season at least one level above us, and as many as 4 or 5 levels above us. And yet, if you look at our record of late, since the end of the fall season we have played 6 meaningful games in two tournaments, all against opposition AT LEAST as high as we will face in this cup, and a scrimmage that was played like a real game against Navy. In those seven games, we have a WDL record of 1-3-3. (In the 3 games against opponents who will play in the President’s Cup it gets even better, with a 1-1-1 record.) In all those seven games, we only lost by more than a one goal margin once. So let us make this the measure of success. I’m not concerned, nor is Vedad, with how many games we will win. I want us to play well. I want us to not be an easy victory for any of our opponents. And I want us to not be an easy win not because we defend for our lives but because we play good soccer, and in these 7 games I’m talking about that is how we’ve done. In the Eastern District this Texas Rush team is the highest ranked team in the President’s Cup (7th) and we are the lowest (28th). But we know we can beat them (we’ve done it before), and we KNOW we can play them hard.

Burroughs Park

Burroughs Park is difficult to get to. Part of the confusion lies in the fact that there are a number of roads there with similar names, and being on the wrong road will not get you to the park. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE FULL NAMES OF ROADS. It also takes a while to get there—at least an hour (!) and that’s not accounting for possible construction.

The two most likely routes to get there are to get to SH249 from Beltway 8. You can take it to Spring-Cypress road, exit and turn right. Go one block and turn left (north) on Hufsmith-Korville Road for about 8 miles until you get to Hufsmith Road. Turn right (east), and then go about a mile. The road will turn to the left (north), and before it turns back to the right (east) there will be the entrance on your left. Alternately, stay on SH249 until you get to FM 2920 East / Waller-Tomball Road. Exit, turning right on 2920 (east) and go almost 3 miles until you get to Hufsmith-Korville Road. Turn left (north) and go almost 2 miles to Hufsmith Road, and then follow the previous directions.

Another option is to take 45 north to exit 70A (Spring-Cypress Road). Turn left (west) and then shortly after you cross under the freeway FM2920 will veer off to the right while Spring-Cypress continues to the left. Take 2920 west. Go about 4 ½ miles and then turn right on Kuykendahl Road (northwest). Stay on Kuykendahl as it turns to the north, about 5 miles, until you get to Hufsmith. Turn left (west). Go just over a mile, Hufsmith will make a brief turn left and then right, and then another turn to the left. After that turn, the park entrance will be on your right.

The map.

Construction to Be Aware of

  • On the Tomball Parkway (SH249) there will be a lane closure on the feeder both North-bound and South-bound from Spring-Cypress to Boudreaux. Hopefully this won’t affect traffic much.
  • DO NOT TAKE 290 TO GET TO THE BELTWAY. 290 will be completely closed between 43rd and Tidwell all weekend. 610 from I-10 to 290 will also be closed. Depending on where you live your best options will be to take 45 north to the beltway and then west to 249, or 59/Westpark Tollway west to the Beltway and then north to 249.
  • On 45 North, there is a lot of construction beginning at Spring-Cypress Road, which can possible cause traffic backups well to the south of the exit. If you are interested in this route I encourage you to check the traffic before you leave.

Here is nice field map layout:


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