Nov 072014

Just to get it out of the way, we cannot promote this season.

But we can finish well, with confidence.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Our opponent is Lake Jackson United. They are currently in first place, undefeated, with an 8-1-0 record (we are in 5th place with a 4-3-2 record). They have the 2nd best offense, with 3.2 goals per game (we have the 4th best with 2.6 goals per game). They have the 3rd best defense, with 1.2 goals allowed per game (we have the 2nd best, with 0.9 goals per game). We have played them once before, tying 1-1, in the Rush Cup prior to this season.
    They beat Albion Hurricanes FC 01B Blue W 3-2 (we beat them 1-0).
    They beat Tigres 01 Houston 9-2 (we tied them 2-2).
    They beat Dynamos 01B 3-1 (we lost to Dynamos 1-0).
    They tied Texas Rush 00/01B Nero 1-1 (we haven’t played them yet).
    They beat Lamar Chivas 2-1 (we tied them 0-0).
    They beat 01B Eclipse Silver 3-1 (we beat them 5-1).
    They beat Cy-Fair Cyclones Blue 2-1 (we tied them 1-1).
    They beat West Houston Inter Milan 3-1 (we lost to them 3-2).
  2. The game is at South Belt Field 6 (map here) at 8am. Please be there by 7:15am. We are the home team, so wear blue (but ALWAYS bring both jerseys).

Game Notes

This is a good team. But we don’t need to fear them. That’s what last week told us—we don’t need to fear any team. We shut down the best offense in the league last week. Before the season started, in only our second game with a new, confusing formation, we tied them 1-1. But in many ways I felt they were lucky that game. Their defense was extremely physical, and I was really surprised the referee didn’t call any penalties on them that game. If we keep our midfield and defense as strong as they have been, combined with more intelligent runs off the ball from our offense that Vedad has been working on, and I know we can get the result.

After the Game

Nothing celebrates a good result, or consoles a bad result, like a trip to Peña’s Donut Heaven for great donuts, breakfast tacos, kolaches, etc. Join us after the game!

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