Oct 242014

Can we get all six points on offer this weekend?

Could 8 be lucky?

For those who don’t remember or weren’t there, Tigres joined our bracket 4 games into the season last year, and they came in with a roar, winning their first three games in a row and eventually finishing 3rd on points per game. This season they seem not to be doing so well. But whatever is plaguing them this season actually began last season; although they started extremely well, winning going 4-1-0 (W-L-T) in their first five, they lost their last two, including to a fairly weak team.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • We are playing Tigres 01 Houston. Before the weekend started they had a 2-1-3 record (ours is 3-1-2). They have a decent offense, 5th in Super 2, with 2 ½ goals scored per game (we have the 4th best offense, with 3 1/3
    goals scored per game). Their defense has been very weak, though, tied with Eclipse for the 2nd worst record in the bracket, allowing almost 4 goals per game, while our defense is the 3rd best, allowing only 1 goal per game.
    Tigres lost to Lamar Chivas 5-1 (we have never played them).
    Tigres lost to Lake Jackson United 9-2 (we tied Lake Jackson in the Rush Cup 1-1).
    Tigres beat Eclipse 01B Silver 5-2 (we beat Eclipse 5-1).

    Tigres tied Cy-Fair Cyclones 2-2 (we tied them 1-1).

    Tigres beat Texas Rush 00/01B Nero 3-2 (we haven’t played them before).
    Tigres lost to Texas United FC Leones 01B Black 3-2 (we beat Texas United 4-0).
    Tigres plays West Houston Inter Milan on Saturday. We will hope they win but it is not likely as West Houston is perfect so far this season.

  • The game is at 4pm at Dyess Park Field 3. Please arrive by 3:15. We are the home team, so wear blue, but of course always bring both jerseys.

Game Notes

This, our first encounter against Tigres, could be lucky in that we avoided playing them when they were doing very well, and now they are not playing nearly as well. But we have to be careful, as well. They can score goals, and if we let them they can win. We have to continue playing our game, stay strong in defense and patient in offense, stretching them with passing until the opportunity to score arises. Let’s make this a 6-point weekend.

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