Oct 232014


We have a bit of a grudge with Albion. In Austin the Albion 01B B team beat us on a controversial penalty. Last spring we tied this Albion 01B Blue W team 0-0. And the previous fall season a last-second goal from Albion 01B Blue C cost us two points and first place in the bracket. And now we find ourselves having dropped points we shouldn’t have, and eager to get the full three this game.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Our opponent is Albion Hurricanes FC 01B Blue W. Albion are currently in 7th place with a 2-1-3 W-T-L record (we are 4th with a 3-1-2 record), but only 3 points behind us. They don’t score a lot, being 8th in offense with a bit under 2 goals per game (we are 4th with more than 3 goals per game), but there defense is sound, tied for 4th in the bracket with only 1.3 goals allowed per game, while we are 3rd with 1 goal allowed per game.
    Albion lost to Lake Jackson united 3-2 (we have not played Lake Jackson in the league, but in the Rush Cup we tied them 1-1).
    They beat Texas Rush Nero 00/01B 4-1 (we have not played them).
    They tied Cy-Fair Cyclones Blue 1-1 (we tied them by the same score).
    They lost to Texas United FC Leones 01B Black 2-0 (we beat Leones 4-0).
    They beat Eclipse 01B Silver 4-0 (we beat Eclipse 5-1).
    They lost to West Houston Inter Milan 1-0 (we lost to them 3-2).
  • Our game time has been changed from prior to this week. We will play at 12pm at Katy Park Field 14. Please arrive by 11:15am for proper pregame warmup. We are the away team, so dress in all white, but as always have both jerseys to every game.

Game Notes

As we can see from their record, and our history with them, this is not a game to take lightly. We cannot let last week’s impressive win give us overconfidence as we know this team will be much tougher. We have to be patient in attack as their defense is solid. I remember they had a very large defender who looked like he would be slow but he was actually surprisingly fast and was able to shut down Luis quite effectively last season. The way to get around a strong player like that is to have more than one option in attack, which means passing will be critical. We have to be strong in defense as well. We also have to be careful about giving up free kicks, even from distance, as I remember that same player nearly scored on a direct free kick from just inside our half.

Don’t forget we have a game at 4pm on Sunday as well, details to come.

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