Oct 172014

Last week we got to a .500 record. This weekend let’s make it a winning record.

Here’s what you need to know about Saturday’s game:

  1. We are playing Texans 01 Houston. What do we know about them? This should be a team we are familiar with—we played them the last 2 seasons, winning 1-0 in tough games each time. They were a pretty good team, finishing just below us in the standings each season. They were a tall team, and they played physically and liked to keep the ball in the air as much as possible. But things have changed, and they are struggling these days. They are in last place, with a 0-0-5 W-T-L record (we are in 4th with a 2-1-2 record). They have the worst defense in Super 2, allowing almost 5 goals per game (we have the 4th best defense, allowing just over 1 goal per game). They also have the worst offense, with only 1 goal scored (we are tied for the 5th best offense, with 12 goals scored).
    They lost to Texas Rush 00/01B Nero 0-6 (we haven’t played this Rush team)
    They lost to Eclipse 01B Silver 1-0 (we beat Eclipse 5-1)
    They lost to Texas United FC 01B Leones Black 4-0 (we beat Texas United by the same score).
    They lost to West Houston Inter Milan 6-0 (we lost to Inter Milan 2-3).
    They lost to Cy-Fair Cyclones 7-1 (we tied them 1-1).
  2. Game details: PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE. We play at 4pm on Saturday at Space City Dad’s Club field 3. Map here. Please arrive by 3:15pm. We are the home team, so wear blue, but always bring white just in case.

Game Notes

Beware the struggling team. Although the performance of Texans has been dismal this year, we know they have been a pretty good team in the past. We don’t know why they are struggling this year—it could have been they’ve had a lot of player turnover and they just aren’t as good a team now as they were. Or, for all we know, they’ve had injury problems and this weekend is the weekend they get all their players back and are ready to give us a real fight. WE HAVE TO PLAY OUR BEST, and assume they are going to be as difficult to play as in the past.

One thing I said last time we played them is that we can’t let them dictate the style of the game. In the past, this team has loved to keep the ball in the air as much as possible. Much of their midfield play involved headers or high kicks up and around. If they play like that we can’t respond the same way—we need to bring the ball down and play on the ground. When your opponent really wants to play a certain way the worst thing you can do is oblige them.

Our Goals

There is a five point gap between us and 3rd place, so we cannot move ahead of them this week. But we do have to get three points if we hope to ever catch up. On the other hand, there are 2 teams tied with us on 7 points, and 3 more with 6. We need to try and start separating ourselves from this pack, and the only way to do so is to get the full 3 points and hope they stumble.

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