Oct 102014

We need to turn this around. We’ve had a game we completely dominated but tied. A game where we were more evenly matched, but still had plenty of chances and lost, and a game where we overcame a difficult first half to get plenty of opportunities to score without doing so.

Here’s all you need to know for Saturday’s game:

  1. We will be playing Texas United FC Leones 01B Black. What do we know about them? They are the 2nd best boys team (of 6) at their club. They are currently in 4th place, with a 2-0-2 W-T-L record scoring 7 goals while allowing 4, while we are 6th with a 1-1-2 record, scoring 8 goals but allowing 6.
    They lost to Dynamos 01B 2-0 (we lost to them 1-0 last week).
    They lost to West Houston Inter Milan 2-1 (we lost to them 3-2).
    They beat Texans Houston 4-0 (we beat Texans Houston the last two seasons 1-0).
    They beat Albion Hurricanes FC 01B Blue W (we tied them last year 0-0).
  2. We are playing at Dyess Park Field 1, at 10:00am. Please arrive by 9:15am. We will be the home team, so wear blue, but bring both jerseys as always.

Notes for This Game

Texans United were, along with Cy-Fair Cyclones, playing in a higher bracket than we were last season, but were “relegated” to the Super 2. Their record is similar to ours, so on paper we should be evenly matched. However, I believe we are a much better team than we have played so far, making this a very winnable game in my opinion.

But to win we have to not only put in the hard work but apply the lessons Vedad has been teaching in practices. Last week we suffered in large part from a failure to work together in attack. Too many players tried to achieve too much on their own offensively, and very little support was offered. I don’t see these players as selfish, I see them as trying too hard to lift the team up on their shoulders and make things happen for the team; and admirable goal, but one that cannot be achieved. You don’t make things happen for your team, you make them happen with your team. When you beat a player on the dribble in midfield, the goal should be to use the space you’ve gained to make a pass, not to keep dribbling until eventually stripped of the ball. When your teammate breaks through on the flanks you have to run to a position so you can attack the cross that will come.

I had said at the beginning of the season we should have as a goal finishing top 2, and promotion to Division 1. Although it won’t be easy, I still believe that should be our goal. But I think we should start with smaller goals. A win this weekend will see us move up to 5th at least, and bring our record to .500 for the season.

The good news is that Vedad will be there to guide the team, and Michael, Nick, Ruben and Jackson will be back with the team. The bad news is we will still be missing Kenji, along with Alec and Zinho. I don’t know yet if Alex will be able to play (but he will be there to cheer on if not).

Traffic Alert

I saw on the news this morning that there will be major freeway closures that will affect the drive home. 290 south-bound from 34th Street to 610 will have 3 lanes closed, while 610 will have 2 lanes closed from 290 to Memorial (including I-10 exit). This sounds pretty ugly so you might want to look at other alternatives, such as 290 to Beltway 8 to Westpark.

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