Sep 122014


I don’t have too much to say about this. The boys played wonderfully. Every player could feel proud about how they did this day. The first half the soccer was as good as it was in the second, but we were perhaps a bit unlucky not to score more than one goal. But in the second we made up for that. A few of my favorite parts about the game:

  • Great passing. Short passing, longer passing. The passing looked great; but it looked that way because players checked to the ball, players moved to get open. They did this extremely well.
  • Great playing out of the back. This was the main focus of Vedad’s training the two weeks prior to this, and the boys carried it out extremely well.
  • Great midfield play. One of the difficult things about the 4-3-3 is that if the outside (wing) backs and wingers don’t get involved enough the midfield can be overwhelmed. That clearly did not happen.
  • 5 goals. We don’t usually score that many.
  • 4 goal-scorers. I love spreading it around; it means that players are understanding their roles and moving well.
  • Sean got his first goal for White, and first goal in a long time!

I will get the full stats up later but here is the official goal list.

Houston Express 01B White


Eclipse 01B Silver
Sean Lau 5′ (assist Aarsh Kak, Michael Vickers) Goal 62′ (penalty kick)
Daniel Olvera 40′ (assist Nicholas Fetzer)
Aarsh Kak 54′
Alex Wintz 64′
Alex Wintz 70′ (assist Michael Vickers)

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