May 212010

Well, that night game was great!  Now we end our season the same way we ended last season, traveling to George Bush Park to meet Chivas Houston.  Will the result be as good as last season?

Here are the game notes:

  1. The game will be played on field S4.  Check the maps below.  The first map is from the club and will show you the location of the field.  The second is the map I made in Google Maps, and will give you directions to the area (if you click on the text at the bottom offering to give you a larger map).
  2. Arriving 30 minutes before game time gives your child time to get into the proper frame of mind as well as time to prepare physically.
  3. Always bring both jerseys!  As the visiting team we shouldn’t have to change but you never know.  Wear blue, but bring white as well.
  4. If anyone has trouble attending, arriving early enough (2:30pm), or picking up and would like help from another parent please leave a comment below.
  5. This is the final game of the HYSA season (although we do have the Express Friendlies next Saturday).  A win here puts us at .500 for the season!
  6. If your son is not playing in the friendlies next weekend, please take a look and make certain you don’t owe any money.  Most of you do….  Check it out here.

View George Bush Park Field S4 in a larger map

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