May 202010

We also need to start finalizing whether or not we have any interest in doing either of these things. As we are committed to be playing in the friendlies from 10-11 and from 4-5, and the Dynamo game is at 7:30, there are a number of possibilities I can envision:

  1. Lunchtime party with or without Dynamo game.  We can have a party between the games on Saturday, since there will be a 5 hour break.  We can have it at a restaurant, or someone’s house (we can host) or someplace like the new Bellaire Aquatic Center.  Of course, I’m open to other ideas.
  2. Tailgating at the Dynamo.  Pack up the kids from the game ending at 5 and head to the Dynamo game, where we can tailgate and the kids can play and eat until the game starts.
  3. No party, only Dynamo.
  4. Party after the second game, with no Dynamo game.
  5. Nada.

Please comment below on your preferences for the end of the season.

  6 Responses to “Who’s In for a Team Party and/or Trip to See the Dynamo?”

  1. WE like the party idea. What Sat are you talking about? Is it tomorrow?

  2. How about a potluck lunch out on the fields. People can bolt after lunch and return for second game. R

  3. We definitely think we should have a party. The lunch time swim party might be the most fun & refreshing for the boys but we are open to the other ideas as well. Will Jarrat & Jackson be available for any of the options?

    • Jarratt will be available, and Jackson until about 1 p.m. (although technically he will be unable to swim that morning, but he could still possibly enjoy the rest of the festivities.)

  4. All options sound fun. However, Nicholas (E.) won’t be able to join on the 29th.

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