Apr 052014

All you need to know:

  1. We play Eclipse 01B Silver. We have never actually played this particular Eclipse team before. They are currently two places and four points behind us in the standings, with a 2-0-4 Win-Tie-Loss record.
    They lost to Texas Rush 02 PA 2-1 (we beat them 3-1).
    They lost to Albion Hurricanes FC 01B W 3-0 (we tied them 0-0).
    They lost to Albion Hurricanes FC 02B Advanced 2-1 (we lost to them 1-0).
    So they had a tough beginning to the season, but since then they’ve improved a bit.
    They beat Dynamos 00/01B 1-0 (we beat them 2-0).
    They beat West Houston Inter Milan 4-3 (we haven’t played them this season, but last season we lost 1-0).
    They lost to Galveston County Union 00/01B 2-1 (we haven’t played them yet).
  2. We play at 1pm at South Belt Field 6 (map here), please arrive by 12:15pm for adequate warmups. We are the home team, so please wear all-blue, but don’t forget your whites.


There are a few changes to the standings since I last posted them on Tuesday; apparently some scores were initially recorded incorrectly. The revised numbers place us in 5th place (4th out of U13 teams). Our goal is to finish in the top 3 of U13 teams, so we will definitely want to work hard to get the full three points. The keys to this will be organization, aggressiveness, and communication.

  • Organization – we must work to stay compact and organized in defense. When we turn the ball over everyone must quickly look where they are and think about where they should be. Regain your shape.
  • Aggressiveness – of late it has often seemed that the other team wants the ball more than we do, moving aggressively to gain control of 50-50 balls. Don’t cede the ball (and the initiative) to the other team.
  • Communication – we simply must talk more. When we turnover, help each other remember where we need to be. When tactics change, communicate those changes to your teammates.

Do these things and I am confident we can get the win.

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  1. If you’re reading this, you’re all set, padernr!

  2. hola, carnaval ..mascaras , tpraos, y unos ojos misteriosos detras de todo esto , sera el o sera ella,, despues de una noche loca ,muchos se llevan mas de una sorpresa ..jajaja jajaja .menudo lio el que se arma un abrazo

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