Mar 282014

Another double game weekend! Thanks, EDDOA. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Our first game this weekend is against Dynamos 00/01B. They are currently in 9th place, with 4 points in 4 games (1 win, 1 tie, 2 losses). We are fourth with 7 points (2-1-1).
    They played Albion Hurricanes FC 01B West to a scoreless tie (as did we).
    They lost to Albion Hurricanes FC 02B Adv 4-1 (we play them Sunday).
    They beat West Houston Inter Milan 1-0 (we lost to Inter Milan last season 1-2).
    They lost to Eclipse Silver 01B 1-0 (we haven’t played them).
  2. Last season Dynamos finished effectively as the second-worst team (out of 16) in the B/BB brackets, with a 3-1-6 record, scoring 14 and allowing 24.
  3. Like us, the Dynamo are not a particularly high-scoring team, but they appear to have a pretty tight defense, with two shutouts. We will need to be patient in attack, don’t waste shots if possession can be kept.
  4. The game will be played at Dyess Park Field 1 (fortunately the last time we play at Dyess this season). You can find a map here (this is a different field next to the one we played on last time). Kickoff is at 11:30 so please arrive by 10:45 for warmups (please see below for a note about warmups), and we are the away team so please wear white but as always bring your blues as well.

Notes for This Weekend’s Games

I have two important notes for these games (and the rest of our season, actually). But first, I want to emphasize that we not play over-confident. This team may be below us in the table, but they beat West Houston Inter Milan, who we know are a tough team, and who were first-place at the time. From what I’ve seen so far in this season ANY team in our bracket can beat any other team. So we have to stay focused and respect our opposition.

  1. In the notes for our first game of the season I detailed what I thought we needed to do to achieve Super 2 status next season. Since then I have had a good conversation with the person in charge of Super 2 out at STYSA. He clarified things for me and it is not particularly good news. In my previous coverage of this topic I took what seemed at the time to be the reasonable assumption that Super 2 would repeat last season’s numbers of 18 teams in the bracket. However I have been informed that this was a “mistake” and will not be repeated next season. There will be only 12 teams and, even worse, 2 of those slots will be offered to the finalists of the Division II championship that was played in December (Lake Jackson United and Lamar Chivas). On the other hand, the good news is that looking at the SCL standings it appears that it is very likely the two teams dropping back into Division One play next season will be from the Western District. (Thus far the games have all been “inter-district”, ie each game has had one Eastern and one Western district team, and this weekend features the final inter-district games. Next weekend they start playing the only Eastern vs Eastern or Western vs Western, and it looks very unlikely the bottom two teams, both Western, will be able to make up the lost ground to the point of pushing the two worst Eastern teams to the bottom.) On top of that there is a chance that one or both of those two teams from the Division II Championship will turn down the slot to play in Super 2 next season (I’ve been told it is not uncommon for that to happen). So what does that mean for us? It probably means that the top 3 U13 teams are safe, and that there is a chance for the 4th and 5th place teams as well. But complicating things is the presence of a new team which joined our bracket during Spring Break, Tigres Houston 01. EDDOA has decided to bring them into our bracket, but there will not be a balanced schedule. We will not play them, nor will the other teams who had been scheduled to play South Houston Lobos (who dropped out just prior to the start of the season). As a result some teams will play 11 games this season, some (including us) will play 10, and Tigres will only play 7. How will EDDOA deal with that? Will Tigres just enjoy playing at a higher level and have no shot at Super 2? Will they calculate standings on a Points-Per-Game basis? If so would Tigres be a part of that calculation or just the teams that only played 10 games? It’s all very confusing and open to charges of unfair procedures. But for us, I think we can make things simple by playing the way we played last season and during the tournament. Play hard, fight for balls, challenge every play, pressure consistently, and remember to keep our shape. Do that, and I think we win, and if we go back to our winning ways we don’t have to worry about how things will shake out.
  2. Marcelo has been very concerned about the tendency of players to not show up early enough for a full warmup (the full 45 minutes early). He is also concerned about the fact that many players are not warming up in a serious manner, with a focus on true game preparation. There is a lot of goofing off, etc. that Marcelo feels is contributing to our less than stellar play in the last few games, particularly the last game. Please arrive at the correct time and make sure your son has a serious attitude about warmups. If you are having trouble and can’t get to the game when Marcelo wants your son to be there, let us know. We can help each other out with carpools, etc.

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