May 192010

Parents, we are in for a rare treat… a night game (sort of; as I write this it’s almost 8 and the sun hasn’t set yet).  So, okay, it’s more of an evening game.  It will, hopefully, be a bit cool, at least.  Okay, it will still be hot.  Anyhow, here’s the details:

We will be hosting National Fusion at home, and kickoff time is 7:30pm .  Things to note:

  1. We tried playing this game earlier this season.  The game was tied 1-1 shortly before halftime, when lightning forced first a suspension, then cancellation of the game.  We will starting the whole game over, not playing from the moment we stopped or just the second half.
  2. The game will be played on field S3.  Check the map below.
  3. Arriving 30 minutes before game time gives your child time to get into the proper frame of mind as well as time to prepare physically.
  4. Always bring both jerseys!  I believe National Fusion clubs customarily wear orange but we never want to have to forfeit a game or not allow a player to play because they didn’t bring both jerseys.  Wear blue, but bring white as well.
  5. If anyone has trouble attending, arriving early enough (7pm), or picking up and would like help from another parent please leave a comment below.
  6. Don’t forget we play again Saturday afternoon.  Laundry time!

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