Nov 022013

Let’s start with the most important news: this game has been rescheduled.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. We are playing West Houston Inter Milan. This is a good team; they currently sit 3rd with a 4-2-0 W-T-L record, which they are one of the three undefeated teams in our bracket (as are we).
  2. West Houston tied Mexico Jr 3-3 (we beat them 3-1).
    West Houston beat Fusion 01B West 4-0 (currently the 10th place team).
    West Houston beat Eclipse 01B White 7-2 (we beat them 3-0).
    West Houston beat Texans 01B Aggieland 1-0 (currently the 4th place team).
    West Houston beat Texas Rush 00/01B Nero 2-0 (currently the 8th place team).
    West Houston tied Albion 01B Blue C 0-0 (currently the 9th place team; we were tied with them 0-0 in the 19th minute when our game was abandoned).
  3. The game time HAS CHANGED! We are playing at 12 noon at South Belt field 7 (map here). This is a change from 4pm on field 6. Please arrive by 11:15am. We will be the home team, so wear blue and of course bring your whites.

Tactical Notes

My teams have a long history with West Houston Inter Milan. This team has long played at a lower competitive level than they should (in my opinion), playing Division 2 in HYSA until U12 and playing most tournaments in the weaker bracket. They have consequently had a long history of winning, but when they played in our bracket last fall, dominated the bracket and then moved up a bracket last season they came crashing down.

But they are certainly a good team. They can score goals (almost 3 per game compared to our less than 2.5) and they can defend as well (0.83 goals allowed per game, not as good as our 0.6). But I see some weakness there, as well. They were unable to beat Mexico Jr and Albion. While they scored 7 goals against Eclipse White they also allowed Eclipse to score 2 on them. That may seem a bit harsh of a criticism but those are also the only two goals Eclipse has scored all season! So this team, while, good, is vulnerable. If we defend strong and counterattack well, I think we can get a solid win here and maintain our lead at the top of the table.

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