Oct 182013

All you need to know for an early game this weekend.

The Details

  1. We are playing South Belt Select 01B. South Belt has struggled this season as they are currently 11 out of 12, losing all 4 of their games.
  2. South Belt lost 6-0 to Texans 01B Houston North(who we beat 2-1, though they dominated most of the stats)
    South Belt lost 4-2 to Texas Rush 00/01B Nero, who are a mid-table team in our bracket
    South Belt lost 1-0 to Texans 01B Houston, currently third in our bracket.
    South Belt lost 4-3 to Fusion two weeks ago (Fusion’s first win of the season).
  3. The game will be played at South Belt/El Franco Lee Park Field 7 at 8am on Saturday the 19th. Please remember to arrive by 7:15. You can find a map here. This is the field immediately next to the one we’ve played on this season. We are the home team, so have your boys in their blue kit, but remember to pack the white as well.

Tactical Notes

This week was all about shape. Unfortunately due to Alex being swamped with homework I didn’t get to see Thursday’s practice and scrimmage but on Tuesday we had our best ever performance against Navy. It wasn’t just that we tied 1-1 but that we spent a good amount of time with the ball in their half, something we’ve never done before. Looking at the record it’s obvious that we should expect to win this game. But our expectations have to be of the right sort. If we “expect” to win in that we think the game will just turn out that way we will provide our opponents with the chance to get their first win of the season. Instead we need to “expect” of ourselves that we must do the work necessary, must play to our abilities, must keep our shape, must pass the ball, must communicate with each other and then the win will come.

A Reminder About Nutrition for an Early Game

From before:

nutrition is an important aspect of player preparedness, and can be especially tricky in a game that involves getting up earlier than normal and a long distance drive. You want your son to eat, but not so much that he is too full to exert himself. You also need to be careful of what he eats. A sugary cereal or other breakfast will provide a big spike in blood sugar and lots of energy, but it will be burnt up quickly and he will crash right around kickoff. Complex carbohydrates and fiber are the key; the complex carbohydrates take longer to break down into sugars, and fiber coats the intestinal lining, slowing absorption. Working together these can ensure that the body receives a steady stream of glucose in the blood that lasts many hours, without a radical up and down, perfect for an athlete.

Tacos and Donuts

If things work out after the game I may go to Peña’s Donut Heaven in Pearland afterwards. They have great donuts, kolaches, breakfast tacos and more. Their address is 11601 Shadow Creek Pkwy Pearland, Texas 77584. Take the beltway back to 288, then go South to the first exit/intersection (not sure if you will be able to actually get on 288 or will stay on the feeder), which is McHard/Shadow Creek/FM 2234. Turn right and go about a quarter mile down, it’s on your right a bit before Kirby. Come join us!

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