May 122010

Ummm.  Yeah.  So I’m a little late.  Sorry.  Here’s what’s going on in the world of Chelsea:

This Week:

Monday – 5:30-6:50pm.  Practice resumes as regularly scheduled.


Wednesday – 5:30-6:50pm.  Practice

Thursday – 8pm-10pm.  Dynamo at Real Salt Lake.  Will Brian Ching be available?  The Dynamo sure could use him.  Real Salt Lake was one of only two teams to lose at home only once in the 2008 and 2009 seasons.  The other team?  Our Dynamo (who unfortunately have already lost twice at home this season).  Catch the game on ESPN2.

Thursday – 8pm-10pm.  Mexico vs. Angola at Reliant Stadium.  Want to experience the atmosphere at the most popular soccer team in the US?  In the last world cup, Angola gave Mexico all it could handle, with Mexico only able to tie the game in the final minutes, despite playing most of the game with a man advantage.  Now Angola have not even qualified for the 2010 cup, and face a Mexico playing “at home”.  Can they still catch Mexico off guard?  As far as I can tell, this game will not be televised.

Saturday – 10-11am.  Matchday 8 at home vs. West Houston.  More details soon.

Saturday – 5-7pm.  Support Minor-League Soccer!  The Houston Leones, a local PDL (Premier Development League – 4th level of American soccer) team in Richmond, has their season opener against Rio Grande Valley Bravos.  For more information go to the Leones site here.  These games cost only $8 per adult, kids are usually free.  If you’ve never gone, this is truly a blast — a great experience.  The owner of this club has built a nice little stadium and you are right on top of the action.  It is truly a great time.  As Alex was reading me write this he said “Oh, Leones!  Can we go!? I love the Leones games!”  If you want more info about this team or going to a game, email me or comment below.  There are two other 4th division teams in the Greater Houston area:  Galveston Pirate SC and Regals FC of the Woodlands.  They play in a different league, the NPSL, whose season seems to start in July.  When I learn more about them I will post here.

Looking Ahead:

Sometime next week, new team rosters should be announced.  I will, of course, let you know when they are.

Friday, May 21 –  7-8pm.  This is the tentative date and time for the replay of Matchday 4 vs. National Fusion (the game we had to abandon due to weather).  This will be a home game.

Saturday, May 22 –  3-4pm.  Matchday 9 away to Chivas Houston.  Final league game of the season.

Saturday, May 29 – Express mini-tournament.  Plus end-of-season party plus team trip to Dynamo game?  Let us know your feelings on these in the comments below.  If we buy enough tickets we can get the boys to greet the team in the rally tunnel as they walk on the field, or maybe even stand in front of the starting players for the national anthem!

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