Apr 192013

Every player who plays as an outside midfielder should read this. Actually every player should read this.

Over at the MLS website they had an interesting video of the first Dynamo goal from last week, with analysis from Greg Lalas, MLS commentator and brother of Alexi Lalas. Check it out then read my comments.

There’s a lot of good info and analyses here, but I do have one quibble with what Greg says. He claims that Chicago defender Wells Thompson should know that Brad Davis always wants to go outside and shouldn’t have fallen for his feint to the middle. I beg to differ. As a longtime Dynamo watcher, I can tell you that Davis frequently cuts into the middle. And this fact is important because it sets up the idea of unpredictability. As a left-footed player, certainly Davis can do more if he always goes outside. But if he does, then he is easy to defend. By keeping the inside move as a regular option he is leaving the defender in a quandry. How best to defend Brad Davis? By sometimes going with the option that is less ideal, Davis becomes unpredictable, and this unpredictability means that the strong option will be available in the future because the defender has to cover both options.

That said, the other notes are very good, especially the part of how Davis pushes the ball out from under him once he’s beaten the defender.

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  1. He even says he goes so far as to say that Davis goes outside “always”. Jason, you are correct, he often cuts to the middle, but it amazes me how Davis is still so effective with so much one-footed play.

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