May 062010

Parents, the season is winding down!  This weekend we will play LAFC Houstonians 01.

Things to note:

  1. Game time is 10am, at their fields at Marron Park.  This place is notoriously difficult to find, so please refer to the maps below.
  2. Blue jerseys should be fine, but please parents bring whites as well.  You never know when you’ll need or want them.
  3. The Wallace family has generously volunteered to bring drinks.  Anyone up for bringing snacks?  Sign up here.
  4. Parents, check here to make sure that your record of payments are accurate.  Really.  Take a moment to check.  You may be surprised.  And if you owe money, this weekend’s game would be an excellent opportunity to give a check to our team treasurer, Jack Meyers, or his lovely wife Miriam.  Want to mail them money, or have any questions?  Email me.

Here is the map the club provides:

Here is the Google map I’ve created.  If you click on the link below it it will take you to the actual Google Maps page where you can get directions.

View Marron Park in a larger map

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