Feb 282013

Parents, here’s what you need to know for the first game of the weekend.

The Facts

  1. Our opponent is Galveston County Pumas 00/01B White. What do we know about them? We’ve played them once before, last fall, winning 4-3. They have not played yet this season, as their first game was postponed.
  2. The game will be played at South Belt/El Franco Lee Field 10A at 12:30pm on Saturday. Please try to arrive by 11:45am. We are the home team and will wear all blue, but as always bring both jerseys just in case. You can find a map to the location here.

Tactical Notes

Although the scoreline was close last season, we were actually much more in control during that game and the score somewhat flattered the opposition. We played them for the 3rd game of the season, and although we scored 4 goals we actually should have had more, as we were somewhat wasteful with our finishing. Additionally, we allowed them two goals from error-prone defensive play. We are a much better team now than we were then. I have no doubt that if we play as we have the last 5 games we will have no problems getting a good victory. However, we always have to respect our opponents. Every team we play has good players who will be trying hard to win, and only by playing our best soccer can we assure ourselves of victory.

Also, as I noted in the review of Matchday 1, we have now gone four-and-a-half games without allowing a goal. We are the only team in our bracket who played last weekend who earned a shutout. So… would you like to extend that shutout streak? I would. Let’s see how long we can go without conceding a goal this season. Keep it tight in the back, work the ball forward the way we’ve been doing, and good things will happen.

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