Apr 292010

The coaches and I were discussing possible options for the end of the season. The final game of the season is May 22.  The next weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  There are, of course, myriad tournaments taking advantage of the three-day weekend.  However, our feeling was that we had just done a big tournament, and that fact combined with the possibility of people heading out of town for the weekend meant it might not be a great idea.  But we didn’t want the season to fizzle out, either.  So we decided to consider the mini-tournament that Houston Express is holding Memorial Day weekend.  It’s a low-pressure situation, unlike the big tournaments.  Just 2 games, on the Saturday; and the only cost will be fees to pay the referees.  That night, at 7:30, the Houston Dynamo are hosting the expansion side Philadelphia Union.  It would be really cool for our boys if we could get them onto the field for pregame fun, wearing their uniforms, as they greet the pros walking out onto the field.  If there is time, we could even try to have an end-of-season party between the tournament and the Dynamo game.

What do you guys think?  Are you up for it?  Will you be around?  Want to go to a Dynamo game and get our kids on the field?  Comment below.

  2 Responses to “Going Out with a Bang”

  1. Thank you coaches for the hard work this season and keeping us all involved.

    I’m up for the 2-game Saturday tourney (i’ll be there anyway with my other son’s express team!) End of season party afterwards sounds good, too.

    Not sure if we can make the Dynamo game that night.

  2. If some are unable to attend Dynamo game due to other commitments but boys are still available, perhaps we can do some carpooling.

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