Apr 182010

Sorry for the late notice, we had to apply a bit late and be wait-listed but we have been confirmed as a player in the Tax-Time Tournament this weekend, April 24-25th.

What we need from parents now is a solid confirmation of your son’s participation.  We need to know precisely how many Chelsea players will be in so we can invite guest players to fill out the roster.  Obviously, we hope to have every Chelsea player participate, but we are allowed up to 4 guest players on our 12-player roster.  We do not yet have a schedule for the tournament, but I will make it available as soon as it is posted.  If your son has a conflict with one part of a day, but is available for the rest of the weekend, that is fine — we can work around that, just let us know in the comments.  Also, if your son is available but you need transportation for him let us know in the comments; I’m sure someone will help.

Parents, please comment below, one from each family, about your son’s participation this weekend.  That will enable us to get moving on finding replacement players, as well as determine each participant’s share of tournament fees.  Thank you.

  4 Responses to “Chelsea Will Play in the Tax-Time Tournament”

  1. William is available all weekend.

  2. Preston will be available Sat and Sun morning. Sunday afternoon he has Dynamo training.

  3. Julian is available all weekend.

  4. Daniel is available all saturday and if early sunday game. he needs to leave by sunday 11ish.

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