Apr 042010

Hope everyone enjoyed their time off.  Here’s what things are looking like for the week ahead:

Monday – Practice 5:30 – 6:50pm.

Tuesday – Goalie Practice 6 – 7pm.  Alex will attend this one.

Wednesday – Practice 5:30 – 6:50pm.

Thursday – Goalie Practice 6 – 7pm.

Saturday – Matchday 4, vs. National Fusion 01B.  10-11am.  At home.  I will post about this game tomorrow, in all likelihood.

Looking ahead:

The weekend of the 24th is the Tax Time Tournament.  The coaches and I would like to attend this tournament, but need to know if your sons will be available to play.  The registration deadline is looming, so please respond to the poll, which can be seen on the left navigation pane of any page.

  5 Responses to “This Week in Chelsea – April 5-11”

  1. How does the Tax Time Tournament impact the PDF game that is on Sunday? Is it a 2 day tournament? Julian is available on Saturday but it does not seem like we should all bail on the PDF game on Sunday.

    • Good question, Miriam. I’ll forward it to Jarratt, maybe he can answer.

    • It probably would affect the roster for the PDF game. Not knowing our schedule I can’t say for sure but it is likely any Sunday games would make it difficult to get back to South Campus for the 1:15 kickoff that day. I figure there will still be 6 others who could play in case we don’t make it back. It’s a chance I’m willing to take; also I’m assuming any repercussions will come my way since they put me in charge of coordinating the roster each week. Or like you suggest maybe one or two of us could go play the PDF game, especially if we could get a 12th player, like Brendan Cummings or an Arsenal player not also playing PDF.

  2. Is there anyone bringing snacks tomorrow? If not, I can bring.

    • Yes, Maria, someone is bringing snacks tomorrow. Thank you, though. As always, you can check under the “Pages” link at the top-left to find the Drinks & Snacks page to see what openings are available (there are plenty).

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