Nov 302012

With quirky weather (how is it we’re in a drought but had two rainouts this season?) we end the season with game 9.  Here’s what you need to know.

What you need to know

  1. We are playing Texans 01B Red.  They are currently in 9th place, cannot move lower, and cannot finish higher than 7th. We are in 6th place, cannot move lower, but can move with a win up to 4th. Although this team hasn’t done as well as we have this season, that does not mean they can’t beat us.  We have to play as well as we’ve played the last few games if we want a win.
  2. Game time is 12:30pm at Katy Park field 19 (map here). This is the same field as last game.  Please try to arrive by 11:45am.  We are the away team, so please wear all white (but always bring both jerseys).

Tactical notes

I don’t think anyone doubts we can win this game, but I want to warn you that we can lose it as well.  If we play the way we’ve done the last few games we will do great.  Ever since that 7 minute stretch when we allowed the other Texans team 3 unanswered goals, we’ve been on a three game winning streak, scoring 11 goals and allowing only 1.  Let’s continue the streak.  Let’s set ourselves up for continued success as we finish out the season. We can finish 4th place, which I think would be a great symbol of how much this team has improved this season, and then we can carry that confidence into the Express tournament in February and the Spring season.

Good luck!

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