Nov 182012

“Five minutes.”

That’s what Vedad said about the game, referring to the brief stretch at the beginning of the second half in which we allowed Texans North to run away with the game.  We made a few mistakes: incorrect defensive positioning on a goal kick led to one goal, where our defender moved to the sideline to mark an opponent, allowing too much space between himself and the center defender; poor, negative reception of a pass in the middle of the field allowed the opponent to pick up a ball near the top of the box and score another goal; while excessive dribbling led to another.  Three simple mistakes we should have done better on, but for the remainder of the game we played well—scoring the early goal and coming close another time, while another referee might even have called a penalty in our favor as well.

With the benefit of hindsight we can see that our opponents had gone from being a mid-table team at that point to beginning a four-game winning streak with that result, so perhaps that takes a bit of sting out of the loss.

Soccer in Houston’s Three Stars of the Game:

Well, it’s been a while Smile so I don’t really recall everyone I was planning on giving the award to, but there were two  players I remember I definitely wanted to give this to:

  1. Cooper Torsch – I know Cooper was really kicking himself for not scoring that goal in the second half when it seemed like the opportunity was handed him on a platter.  But as I explained to him later, in soccer scoring is never as easy as it looks, and in the case of that play it was one of learning better technique to deal with a ball that hops slightly at the last moment before contact.  More important, I told Cooper, was that he was in the right place to start with.  Luis had chased the ball to the corner and sent a hard low cross that I was so impressed with Cooper for making that far post run to be there to meet it.  In addition, it was Cooper’s collision in the box that another referee might have deemed a penalty in our favor.  Great game from Cooper.
  2. Victor Johnson – It hasn’t been the easiest season for Victor, but he looked quite comfortable in this game, which was especially important on a day when it seemed many other defenders didn’t.  He showed his speed in tracking down plays that frankly I’d given up on, and stayed on his feet to pester, slow down, and ultimately frustrate numerous attacking forays.  Vedad too was impressed, noting it was his best game thus far.  Fantastic from Victor.

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