Nov 012012

Well, I’m a little late so it’s going to be a short review.

It was a good win, after back-to-back losses.  That’s the most important thing—good teams start by being able to win the games they should win.  And that was a game we should have won, against a team that had lost all five of their games to that point.  Scoring 4 goals was good, as well.  We scored more than the average team, which is where we want to be.

We could have done better, though.  The goal we allowed was a disappointment, and we had a couple of errors of communication (or more properly, a lack of communication) which almost led to giving up more goals.  And although our passing was okay, there was still too much dribbling, which would be a problem against a tougher team (see Matchday 8).

Soccer in Houston’s Three Stars of the Game:

  1. Kenji Chevray – Kenji is performing his typical trick of getting stronger each game, and he really ruled the left side in this game.  Great work from Kenji.
  2. Robert Navratil – Robert has been working hard (as usual) all season, but has always been just below a few other players on the three stars list.  This game, however, he really made a breakthrough.  In addition to typically strong defensive work in the right back position, he became the attacking fullback I always knew he could be.  The cross he sent in which led to a goal was not only a thing of beauty, but exactly what I’ve been waiting to see from him for a while.  Fantastic game from Robert.
  3. Alex Wintz – After getting a bit burned on lack of aggressiveness in controlling the area the previous weekend, Alex came off his line quickly to shut down all the attacks Space City could muster.  He got a rare chance to play in the field, and even though it was not his favored position he put in a fierce effort in right midfield, sending in two crosses, beating his opponent fairly consistently and battling in defense.  Nice job from Alex.

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