Nov 012012

Everything you need to know about the game is here:

Game Day Info

  1. Our opponent is Texans 01B Red.  What do we know about them?
    They are currently in eight place in the D bracket, 3 points and 1 place behind us. But we can not take them lightly; if we lose they will move ahead of us—but a win could see us move as many as three places higher.
    Looking at their record, we see they’ve had better results than we have in some games, and worse results in others.  This will be a game where we will have to play well and battle for every ball—do that, play like we did Sunday, and the rewards are there to be had.
    They have the sixth-worst defense in the bracket, giving up 2.5 goals per game. But we have the fourth-worst, giving up almost 3 goals per game. On the other hand, we score as many as we allow, for the second-best offense, while Texans 01B Red score less than 2 goals per game, for the third-worst in the bracket.
  2. We are the away team, so we will wear all white(shirts, shorts, socks). That said, ALWAYS BRING BOTH JERSEYS!
  3. Kickoff is 3:30pm. Vedad has asked that everyone arrive by 2:45pm, a full 45 minutes early. It’s a roughly 40-minute drive for most of us. We are playing at Meyer Park, field 24A (the other half of the same field we played on in Saturday’s game). The maps are here. If you need help with carpooling please let me know.  Please don’t forget that parking at this Park can be difficult and give yourself extra time to find a parking spot and get to the field.

Things to Remember

  1. Look at our record: 4 wins, 4 losses.  23 goals scored, 23 allowed.  Vedad has bemoaned the lack of consistency in the team, and the record shows this.  We haven’t had any close losses (2 by two goals, 1 by three and 1 by four)—in several of those games we had the lead and then gave up a lot of goals.
  2. But when we win we usually win by big margins as well.  So what’s going on?  We have games where we work hard for each other, move the ball around, receive the ball well and make good decisions about when to dribble and when to pass.  Many of the games we’ve lost have featured poor passing, receiving the ball negatively and dribbling too much and/or in areas of the field where losing the ball is dangerous.

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