Oct 202012

Everything you need to know about the game is here:

Game Day Info

  1. Our opponent is Space City FC 01B Red.  What do we know about them?
    They are currently in last place in the D bracket, having lost all 5 of their games. This does not mean they can be taken lightly.  Why?
    Two of their losses have been quite respectable: a 2-0 defeat to Albion 02B Advanced last weekend, and a 2-3 loss to the first place team in our bracket Texas United Knights.  We cannot assume we will win; we have to actually make it happen.
    They are tied with the second-worst defense in the bracket, giving up 3.6 goals per game. But we aren’t doing so well either, giving up 3.4 goals per game.
  2. So what does all this tell us? We must tighten up our defense, which will give our offense an opportunity to shine.
  3. We are the away team, so we will wear all white(shirts, shorts, socks). That said, ALWAYS BRING BOTH JERSEYS!
  4. Kickoff is 12:30pm. Vedad has asked that everyone arrive by 11:45am, a full 45 minutes early. It’s a roughly 35-minute drive for most of us. We are playing at Space City / Dad’s Club park, field 1A (the same field as last week). The maps are here. If you need help with carpooling please let me know.

Things to Remember

  1. Training this week concentrated on crossing from wide positions and receiving the ball in the air (heading—both defensive and offensive, and chest control).  But the practices were disrupted by a lack of focus among many of the players.  In our scrimmage we recovered from early lethargy to play Navy pretty evenly.  If we can play Navy as closely as we do there is no reason we can’t beat any team in this bracket—but we have to want to win, we have to want to do all the little things that matter, that help us win.

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