Mar 082010

This is a repost of what Coach Kelso sent as an email this morning.  I’m posting it here to facilitate conversation about the tournaments through the comments section below.

Hello All,

There is a tournament the weekend of April 24th that I would like to see our team play in and I wanted to know if others are interested. It is held by West Houston Soccer Club at George Bush Park (who and where we just played) and falls at the midpoint of our season on a weekend off (granted to us specifically to enter this tourney, no doubt). Please reply and let me know your preference for playing this tournament. It is called the Tax Time Tourney and more info can be found here:

Also, there is little 3 v. 3 tournament held at Bear Branch Park in the Woodlands the Saturday of Easter Weekend, on April 3rd, in which I’d like to enter a 4 man team. My daughter is already committed to playing on a U7 side for this one so as long as I’m out there I might as well field a U9 boys side as well, right? My daughter and I did this tournament in December as well and it was a lot of fun, and the 3 v. 3 format is played by all age groups, all the way to U15. Rules are essentially the same as the small goal soccer we played from U6-U8. Anyone interested? I’ll take the first three that want to do it, or if for some crazy reason there’s a lot of interest we could field 2 teams. More info:



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  1. Julian is available for the tournament on the 24th. Easter weekend is no good for us. Have fun in the Woodlands!
    Also, we are gone all next week.

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