Nov 212011

Parents, this is the final act of the fall season.  Read on to find out what will happen during the off-season and in preparation for the spring.


  • The calendar by default only goes until Jan 31st.  If you click on “Look for more” you will see the dates of the Express Reliant Energy Cup (Feb 3-5), a tournament in which we will take part.
  • We have one last training session (tomorrow, Nov 22).  It is usually a fun session.  Steve Branz has told me he will be available for goalkeeper training as well, if you’re interested.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.
  • Winter indoor soccer is optional; if you don’t yet know about it or you want more info email me.  The season starts Dec 10th and continues until mid-February.  Any outdoor tournaments will be prioritized.  Also if you are interested in some sort of practice over the winter, with or without indoor soccer, let me know.
  • We will have the opportunity to play some friendly games over the winter; probably on Sundays.  01B Navy, 01B Red, and at least one of the 01G teams have expressed an interest; we might be able to do something with a non-Express team or two as well, time permitting.
  • We will have more information on the Spring evaluations when we know more, but this is what we can say about it (based on previous years):
    • Likely to be few (if any) changes to our team
    • Evaluations are not mandatory, but are usually fun and are used to help place new incoming players at the right level and ensure that all players are playing on the appropriate teams
  • IF ANYONE IS PLANNING ON NOT PLAYING IN THE SPRING SEASON PLEASE LET JEFF OR ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – You are paying for the whole year, fall and spring, so if you plan to skip the Spring we will need to figure out how to handle that.  We also have a limited time to bring other players into the league, so please let as know as soon as possible.

Thanks for a great season everyone.  I hope to see everyone back in the Spring and most of you at indoor soccer!

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