Nov 152011

Sorry for the lateness, which means I didn’t get to remind everyone about today’s US team friendly at Slovenia (a rematch from the last world cup).  The season is winding down, so please make sure you read the notes below.  Here’s the list:


  • November 22 is the last day of practices for those teams not still playing league games and not involved in tournaments before the end of the year.  That includes us, so next Tuesday will be the final practice for the Fall 2011 season.
  • Our game this Saturday was rescheduled last week from 3:30pm to 2pm, at the same field we played on last week in Clear Lake.
  • We already know we will be missing 2 players next game; if your son’s availability changes please email Jeff or I or use the Availability Survey here.
  • After the game on Saturday we will have our end-of-season party at 4pm at Skeeter’s in West U; I will include a map on the “Matchday 11 Preview” post later this week.  I hope everyone can make it; I will be passing out awards to all the players (though if your son is not available he can get his award at our final practice the next Tuesday).
  • Winter soccer:  Camps during winter break and Indoor Soccer (I’m especially excited about the indoor soccer).  Look for an update soon about options for both.
  • Next season – don’t forget you are already registered for the Spring season as an EDDOA player.  If you need to withdraw for any reason let Jeff Fetzer know as soon as possible, as there is a limited time to be able to do this.
  • Registration for the Spring season begins November 28th.  You don’t need to register your 01B White player, but if you have other children playing West U Rec, Express Academy (u8-U10), or older Express teams not in EDDOA you will want to remember this date.  Also, if you know people who might be interested in joining Express let them know that registration begins soon.
  • Tryouts will be held Jan 8th-10th.  This is a bit unusual as this falls over a weekend, something I’ve not seen before, so I’m currently trying to confirm this.  Also, as everyone on the team is already registered to play EDDOA soccer in the spring I don’t yet know what the expectation is for us in terms of attending tryouts.  However, it is essentially a free chance to play some soccer so there is value even if you don’t have to be there.
  • Training begins the week of Jan 16th.  It is unlikely (though possible) that Express will change our timeslot, so we will probably start on the 17th.
  • Don’t forget:  LA Galaxy vs. Houston Dynamo for all the marbles–the MLS Cup Final!  Sunday Nov 20th at 8pm.
  • Did you catch the US friendly in Slovenia earlier today?  The US got only their second win of the Klinnsman era (and their first win in Europe in several years).  Check out the highlights:

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