Nov 112011

Two more chances.  We’ve been improving all season, now’s our chance to show it.

  1. We are playing North Channel Tigres. We are the “home” team, and will wear blue jerseys, white shorts, and blue socks. As always, however, it is vital to bring both jerseys just in case there is an issue.
  2. The game time is 3:30pm. We would like everyone to be there by 3pm. It is important to arrive the full 30 minutes early to the games. This allows time for your sons to warm up, stretch their muscles and get their bodies ready to play, and for the coaches and trainer to figure out a lineup and discuss tactical issues. Please be aware that the fields are (as always) far away, in Clear Lake (Google maps indicates it is just about 35 minutes from my house).  Also note that this is a new park where we have yet to play this season. Maps are below.
  3. The game is being played at Dad’s Club Sports Park field 2B. This is the first time we’ve been to this park; it looks as though for most of us we will need to get to the Gulf Freeway, either from 59 or 610.  You will take the exit for Clear Lake City Blvd/FM 2351 (just a few exits past Beltway 8), and go east (left) on Clear Lake City Blvd.  Cross Old Galveston Rd (Hwy 3) and then take your first right at Crescent Landing Drive.  Take your next right onto Village Evergreen Trail.  The fields and parking lot are on the right. As always, if you follow he01bwhite on Twitter I will be monitoring it so it’s a great way to get info if you’re lost.

Tactics/Things to Work on

  1. North Channel is in 5th place, but only 2 points better than the National Fusion team we outplayed last week.  I’ve said many times that only 1 team this season has shown themselves to be a superior team, and we are capable of beating every other team in this bracket, so don’t be intimidated by a team’s place in the standings.
  2. One of the things I’ve mentioned before is that the best route towards goal isn’t necessarily moving directly towards the opponent’s goal.  Witness the following:
    A month ago today Spain hosted Scotland in a match that was part of the qualifying process for Euro 2012, the next installment of quadrennial tournament to determine the best national team in Europe.  Early in the game, defending Champions Spain put on a passing clinic.  Here’s the footage, it’s worth watching the whole 2 minutes.

    Did you catch it?  Check out this image that shows exactly what happened:

    That’s 41 consecutive passes with nary a touch from a Scottish player (the image counts the goal as pass #42).  Every single player on the Spanish team, including the goalkeeper, touches the ball at least once.  But there’s more of interest going on here.  Did you notice how much the Spanish players move?  The player with the ball barely moves, while the attacking players take turns making runs to possibly receive the ball in dangerous places.  But what about the Scots?  They’re constantly moving, chasing the player with the ball, chasing the players making runs, every Scottish player seems to be moving about twice as much as their Spanish counterpart.  How tired do you think that kind of defending is?  Even had Spain not scored this goal, you can see how this type of play can just wear an opponent out, twisting and turning and tiring every defender until someone makes a mistake and then they’re through on goal.  Note also where the passes go — forward, backward, side-to-side; constantly changing, always unpredictable.
    When Paul or Jeff or I or any other Express trainer talk about building out of the back, maintaining possession, and letting the ball do the work, this is what we’re talking about.  I hope this footage leaves all inspired; it certainly does me.


The Schedule

Don’t forget if you have any changes or haven’t yet filled out the rest of the survey you can always go here and re-enter your son’s availability for just the game(s) you need to change. A link to the survey is always available from the schedule page, which you can always find a link to up top. Currently I show every player being available except Daniel Davis. Please let me know if there are any changes.


Dad’s Club Sports Park’s address is 14500 Village Evergreen Trail Houston, TX 77062.  There is no rainout number; instead refer to the club website: (note that on the site the fields are referred to as the Dave Finkle Fields).

Here is the map to Dad’s Club Sports Park:

View Dad’s Club Overview in a larger map
And here is the map to the field:

View Dad’s Club Sports Park Field 2B in a larger map

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