Nov 072011

We’re closing in on the end of the season.  Here’s what’s ahead (and don’t forget to read the notes at the end):


  1. The game on the 19th is our last game of the fall season.
  2. It might be time to start thinking about an end-of-season party.  Anyone want to volunteer to host or suggest a location?
  3. The Dynamo played last night, winning the Eastern Conference Championship with a 2-0 result at Kansas City.  It was a phenomenal performance, especially when you consider that they lost their best player to injury early in the game (highlights here).  The Dynamo will play in the MLS Cup final on Sunday, November 20.  Will you be watching?
  4. I will be running once again some sort of indoor soccer team over the winter.  I’m not certain yet what it will exactly be like, but I am researching possible venues, formats (futsal vs. indoor), possible training, and even official Express involvement.  You will be hearing from me more on this issue soon, but for those who’ve played indoor with me before it will be at least as fun as before, and if your son hasn’t played yet, it is a lot of fun (and there’s no commitment, you can be involved as much or as little as you like).
  5. Winter break soccer camps.  I will try to have a post soon about these options soon (so far I know about 2 different Dynamo options, Rice University, and I suspect Express will have options as well), but if you know of other options feel free to comment below and we can try to see if people want to do things together.

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