Aug 292011

Parents, here’s what you need to know for the coming week:

Things to note (not yet on the calendar):

  • Today practices were cancelled due to dangerous heat, and I have to think tomorrow is a risk for this as well.  Want to find out about things like this before driving to South Campus?  There are two ways to do it.  Sign up for Express’s rainout text messages (only for South Campus, info here) and/or sign up to follow me on Twitter (used for everything HE01B White is involved with, info here).  If you’re already following me on twitter, make sure you have it active on your phone tomorrow.
  • This weekend is the Labor Day Cup.  We hope to have a schedule tomorrow or Wednesday.  Many of you have not yet responded to the availability survey, so if you haven’t yet done so please click here and fill it out.  It will only take a moment, and is really important so Jeff can make sure our team is in good shape to play.
  • Our league season starts the weekend of the 10th.  We may not get that schedule until close to the last possible moment.
  • Check out what opportunities you have to watch professional soccer, on TV or in person here.
  • Are you attending Speed & Agility classes or Goalkeeper training?  Want me to add them to the schedule?  Let me know.

  4 Responses to “This Week in HE01B White – Aug 29 to Sep 5”

  1. The EDDOA site says that schedules will be posted on Wednesday August 31. Let’s hope they are right…

    • p.s. — So.. just in case I might have misunderstood you, what you’re saying is; I can’t have them all? It’s a small island, I’m figuring the demographics of what I’m looking for should narrow it down to maybe 300 on Mactan that fit my criteria. I’m not saying ‘have’ them all.. but more like ‘evaluate’ all the options before making a decision.

  2. Help, I’ve been informed and I can’t become ignorant.

  3. Those are all potentially negative consequences. However, if someone really wants to test something, you need to provide him with the information that might allow him to succeed. You’re only raising points that would cause him to fail.

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