May 192011

The final game, and things aren’t quite finished yet.  We did our part, but the 3rd place team got a good result, too, and they are still able to reach us.

Although it is mathematically difficult, they can displace us with a strong win on Saturday; we just need a win, tie, or close loss to stay in 2nd place.  But take a look at the standings, and ask yourselves this:  do you want to just barely eek out a 2nd place finish, or do you want to be able to put a big gap between 2nd and 3rd place.  I prefer to put a 6 point gap and show that we stood above (most of) the rest of the teams.  So let’s push hard for this final win and show the class we are.

Here’s what you need to know for the game:

  1. Our opponent for Saturday’s game is Lamar Hurricanes.  The last time we played them we won 4-0, but that’s no reason to take them lightly.  As I mentioned already, Lamar is in 3rd place and will be really motivated to get a win and tie us on points.
  2. Lamar wears green and white I believe so we should be good in blue, but as always bring your whites as a backup.
  3. Game time is 11:15am.  Please try to have your player there by 10:45am.  We are playing at South Campus, field HES8.
  4. The Blankenship family have volunteered to bring Snacks and Drinks.  Thanks, guys, and thanks to everyone who has helped with drinks and snacks.
  5. I will be running an indoor soccer team this summer, which will be run much like the PDF with enough players involved that we can work around everyone’s vacation schedule.  More info to come.  I also hope to know about the teams in the next week or so.
  6. The Dynamo play at home Saturday vs. the superstars of New York Red Bulls.  Want tickets?  Let me know.  Next weekend the Dynamo will be hosting in-state rivals FC Dallas.  Both of these games should be great.
  7. Don’t forget to RSVP for the end-of-season party!

Finally, don’t forget the contest to win the autographed ball!  Let’s score off a header on Saturday!

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