May 052011

This week, for once, the party seeking revenge will be us.

Here’s what you need to know for Saturday’s game:

  1. Our opponent for Saturday’s game is Houstonians 02.  Last time we played them at our fields and lost 5-0.  They have had a nearly perfect season, winning all 5 games by a combined score of 34-1!  I know, however, that 5-0 scoreline is not representative of how well we play, and I think we should be able to put at least two goals in against them this time; at least 2.  What I feel we need to focus on to have success in this game are:
    • Passing out of trouble, especially back to players behind you
    • Supporting each other by being in positions to receive a pass and letting our teammates know we’re there.
    • When we get within shooting range don’t be afraid to pull the trigger and take a shot.
    • Don’t watch our balls, especially our shots.  Just start moving into the best place to deal with possible outcomes.  Too often I see players run into the box to challenge the goalkeeper after they’ve already dropped the ball and had time to pick it up.  If you start your run as soon as the shot is made, you will pressure the goalie into making mistakes, and be there to capitalize.
    • Match the physical intensity of the other team, without getting angry and escalating it.
  2. As the away team we should be fine with our regular jerseys, so wear your blues, but as always bring your whites as a backup.
  3. Game time is 12:30pm.  Please try to have your player there by 12:00.  We are playing at their fields, TM1A in Tony Marron Park.  This park is very hard to find, so please use the maps I provide.  In Yahoo and Bing maps it is called North York Park.  It is located about a mile east of the Eastex Fwy, on the South bank of Buffalo Bayou, along Scott/York/Hirsch/Waco (yes the street changes names 4 times in about a 2-mile stretch), not too far from the original Ninfa’s on Navigation (hint hint).  See maps below.
  4. The Ryans have volunteered to bring Snacks and Drinks.  Thanks, guys.  We have the next game covered, as well, but we don’t have anyone volunteered to bring Snacks and Drinks for the last game of the season (May 21).  Want to sign up for a game?  Check the list and enter a time in the comments section.
  5. Don’t forget to register for the Fall season!

Last weekend was a bit disappointing, as we had chance after chance but just came up a bit short, not only in the Saturday game but in our Sunday PDF game, as well.  This kind of thing happens to everyone, even the pros, at times — it happened to the Dynamo last night, too.  Don’t forget that the first player to score a goal with a header will win a fabulous prize, and that good teamwork (passing back, being available for passes back and calling for them) will earn rewards as well.

See you there!

My map:

View Marron Park in a larger map

The club’s map (use only the top part, the bottom is for a different park):

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  1. It’s about time somnoee wrote about this.

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