Apr 102011

One goal. One goal in one game was the difference between being champions and third place.  If we had managed to score just 1 goal in either the first or last game, or had we managed to keep Man U from scoring their one goal in the first game, we would have ended champions.  As it was, we played spoiler by tying Revolution KAOS, preventing them from winning the championship.

Here’s how the table ended up:

Revolution KAOS and National Fusion West were tied on points, but National Fusion had the first tie-breaker (head-to-head competition–National Fusion had beaten Revolution KAOS 3-2 on Saturday).

I’m very proud of the boys.  I know many were feeling upset at the fact that we didn’t quite make it, but that’s a good thing: disappointment is a wonderful tool for teaching about life and what it takes to achieve ones goals.  That said, there is so much good to take away from the games, and everyone should be proud of what they achieved this weekend.

A big thanks goes out to our guest players (Jacob Totz, Robert Navratil, and Alex Rivero) and their families–we couldn’t have achieved what we did without them here.

Chelsea01.com’s stars of the games:

Alex Rivero – Alex’s amazing speed and stamina helped ensure that we got maximum points out of our Sugarland game.  Added to that was good passing, and an amazing defensive play followed by a turn and run up the flank all the way to the other goal, where he scored.  Outstanding.

Jacob Totz – On top of solid goalkeeping, Jacob did a fantastic job on the field, too.  His headers were great, and his play as forward in the second half of the game vs. Revolution was outstanding.  He was very unfortunate not to score after powering his way through heavy defensive pressure on numerous occasions.

Alex Wintz – Scored the only goal of the first half against Sugarland, and was the only one to try a long-range shot with the wind at his back in the second half (and was successful).  After a pretty sluggish performance at midfield in the first half of the Revolution game, he put in a very strong performance at right back in the second half, only being beaten once and numerous times sweeping across at the last second to clear out a breakthrough on goal.

William Symmans – This has been an incredible run of games for William, who showed more of the form that got him on this list from the first day.

Alex McClain – Sometimes consistently good play puts you just under the radar, especially from a defender.  This is boy who just loves to run, and what an incredible addition he’s been to this team.  I really enjoy seeing him win the ball and then surge forward in attack.  Great work all tournament from Alex.

Thanks again, everyone, for their participation.  I hope the boys had fun.  I don’t plan on entering any other actual tournaments this season.  Express does run what they call a friendly tournament Memorial weekend.  Last year it was just two games on a Saturday, loose rosters, no trophies–just fun.  I would like us to participate in that, if possible.

Next weekend we will play a game in Sugar Land/Missouri City, and then the following weekend will be entirely soccer free (Easter weekend)!

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  1. Great note. Gave up only one goal. Best goal differential. Wow.

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