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Everything you need to know about playing in the tournament is here.  Please read carefully.

  1. The tournament is at George Bush Park, located on the West side of town, between the Westpark Tollway and I-10 (see map below).  If you use the Tollway it’s only about a 30-35 minute drive, but you must have an EZ Pass (no coins accepted).  Otherwise, you can take I-10, but that will add 10-15 minutes to your drive.
  2. Parking: Parking is available on-site at the fields, and off-site at West Oaks Mall.  The club says parking can be tight, and requests that people carpool or use the off-site parking.  I was at this tournament last year.  Parking was tight for the first few games; then they opened up some grass areas to parking and it was no problem.  I would hope they will do that again this year.  If you use off-site parking, they recommend you drop your kids off at the fields (with an adult), and then drive back to the mall and catch a shuttle to the fields.  All this info will be available on the map below.
  3. The schedule is available by hovering your mouse over the Schedules link in the Navigation Menu, and then clicking on 2011 Tax Time Tournament.
  4. Jerseys.  For the games in which we are the “home” team, we may have to switch to our white jerseys if there is a conflict with the other team.  Please have your boys wear blue, and bring their whites.  This is very important; I don’t want to have boys unable to play or, even worse, have to forfeit a game because we didn’t bring both jerseys.
  5. Snacks and Drinks.  I would love to have some volunteers for this.  I find the easiest thing to do in these situations is to have one family bring snacks or drinks for the whole day (Sat or Sun).  As always, drinks are most important and healthy snacks are of secondary importance.  The last time we had orange slices the kids were really excited about them.  If you are willing to volunteer please leave a comment below.
  6. A big thank you to our guest players: Jake Totz and Robert Navratil.  Most of you know Jake, he plays on the Barcelona team and was a big part of our 2nd place finish in the Missouri City Cup last season, stepping up big in our must-win game to play in goal both halves.  Some of you may know Robert from the PDF games, where despite being new to Express he has shown well this season.  He plays his HYSA games with Bayern.

Here is the map.  Zooming in on the park area will show you the 4 actual fields we are scheduled to play on, as well as the parking lot.  You can also click on the link for a larger map below to get a list of all the markers I’ve put on the map. Clicking on the parking lot marker will give you the option of getting directions to the fields; if you need directions that don’t include the tollway you may need to click on “Show Options” under the destination and click “Avoid Tolls”. Need help? Just ask.

View George Bush Park Fields in a larger map

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  1. I can bring drinks/snacks for Saturday.

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